Wednesday, April 1, 2009

who i be.

So... this is the part where I share a little bit about me. While it might feel vain to write about myself, I believe that the “about me” section of this blog is relevant since the things that make me “me” are the things that will influence my perspectives, ideas, thoughts and general outlook regarding TTC.

I am a read-the-playbill-before-watching-the-play kinda kat so here is my attempt at a play bill for this blog….

Me: I’m in my early 30s. I’m somewhat responsible. I am happy. I am enraged. I am often both of these things at the exact same time. Thanks to homophobic laws I’m both married and single at the exact same time…(no wonder they say the gays are confusing). I tend to use a lot of “…”s and “( )”s in my writing. The “…”s serve as a way to connect seemingly random thoughts and are probably a sign of my inability to end a sentence properly. The “( )”s serve as a way to share whats running through my head as i type a sentence.

I have 2 dogs that represent differing sides of my personality…

Gully (moody, quirky, angry, grudge-holding, needs her personal space, doesn’t-take-orders-from-nobody!)…

…and Maddox (sweet, loyal, obedient, strong desire to please, likes to sleep and eat and not much else).

I work on a college campus with survivors of interpersonal violence, sexual assault and stalking. I also teach for the ethnic studies department. Both of these jobs combined means that I spend most of my days dealing with the crappy elements of our society…sexism, homoph0bia and racism. This requires a lot of patience and a ridiculous sense of humor.

My partner is from new mexico and is truly the love of my life. I know, I know… that sounds trite and hallmark-ish, but its true. She is loving, understanding, passionate, funny-as-shit, beautiful and sassy. Im not sure what the hell she is doing with me but I plan to take full advantage of her lapse in judgement for as long as I can. *smile* For anonymity she will hence forth be referred to as NM (new mexico).


  1. Hi there, reading your profile was entertaining! I married a NM girl (with our marriage license from Cambridge City Hall but on a boat in Ptown) too! We can't wait to move to MA for good where we won't have to hyperventilate every time we fill out doctors forms (or the mortgage or the car...). Which part of Colorado are you guys in? My SIL is moving up to Fort Collins this week and we're looking forward to a visit before we say "so long" to the Southwest.

  2. Just found you and loving your blog. You are a freakin' riot! Ok, gonna go peek around some more. Just wanted to say hi and that you'll probably see me around....

  3. Hey! I'm not completely up to scratch with how to do this blogging thing yet, i replied to yur comment on my blog but then didn't know if you'd see it - i don't know how it works, so apologies if copy and pasting my reply on to your blog is overkill!! .......

    "Hey! Thanks for stopping by mine too! Andrea travelled the US for a couple of months back in 2005, then landed in New Jersey and worked at Wildwood for a bit – she had a little apartment there nicknamed “Squalor by the sea” … she’s now very much looking forward to Fiji, if it will be comparable to NJ

    I’ve been reading your blog for a long while now, so glad to hear about latest developments – i hope one day to be where you are (in your quest, not geographically!"