Wednesday, April 1, 2009

who we be.

i am from the great state of New Jersey and my partner is from the (somewhat) great state of New Mexico… hence the title of this blog (new jexico). we met at a conference on campus (she blew me off) and then again at another conference on campus (she blew me off again) and then again at a party. lucky for me, third time was a charm. we have been married twice...once in a meaningful commitment ceremony surrounded by friends and family, and the second time at city hall in cambridge MA during a visit home for the holidays. hopefully three times will be a charm and we will one day be legally married in our own state (colorado).

we have been TTC for a little over a year now. since i have a desire to carry a child and my partner has a somewhat intense aversion to the idea of being pregnant...its a no-brainer that i would be the one to get prego. plus, you know what they say about "jersey girls"... surely i would be knocked up in no time!

sadly, the universe has had another plan and has decided to make us struggle for it (as though there isnt enough struggle in our lives already!). we toss around lots of different ideas to aid us in our baby quest (like this or this) but in the end we believe that IUI and donor sperm is the best option for us. at least for now. stay tuned!

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  1. hey--I just found your blog and am loving your style & sense of humor. sorry to hear about your recent bfn. I'll be following along from here on out--best of luck!