Wednesday, April 29, 2009

wow, youre easy to get into!

we had another insemination yesterday and this time around we had a new nurse. although she isnt nearly as funny as our usual nurse-michelle, jennifer was still pretty cool. she included NM in the process by chatting with her and letting her confirm the correct number on the vial. we had 2 vials left so we were concerned about whether or not we would need to use 2 again this month but as it turns out, there were 17 million of the little swimmers in one vial. woo-hoo!

im not sure if this is the case for many other people but for me, one of the worst parts of inseminations is the fact that i cant go to the bathroom all day! we leave foco in the morning and by the time we get to the doctor in denver, i gotta pee like a race horse! they claim that a full bladder helps with the insemination but i still dread it every time. its especially hard because i cant pee afterwards since i dont want to flush $700 down the toilet!

i was up on the table this time trying to focus on not peeing on the floor while we waited for the nurse. then NM blurts out, "man, im really gonna have to stop at the bathroom before we leave!". i wanted to smack her but i was afraid that the movement would make me pee.
NJ: *whispering* "youre kidding me, right??".
NM: *whispering* "no, i really gotta go"
NJ: *whispering louder* "well how the hell do you think i feel!?? try putting your feet up in these stirrups!"
NM: *whispering even louder* "well you shouldnt have finished that entire coffee on the way here!"
NJ: *long stare* "youre kidding me, right?"
NM: *whispering louder* "im serious!"
NJ: "i swear, if you even THINK about peeing before we leave you will never hear the end of it!"
*the nurse enters the room*

the insemination went along with no problems. im very fortunate that i dont get the intense cramping that many women talk about. perhaps this is due to the fact that im "easy to get into"...a fact that michelle had pointed out a number of cycles ago. jennifer wasnt nearly as animated but she did comment on "how easy that was!". (insert jersey girl jokes here).

i guess we shall see. *fingers crossed*


  1. and for the record...nm didn't pee until we got back to FoCo! now that's solidarity.

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  3. and for the record...nm did wait to pee until she got to foco. now that's solidarity!