Thursday, April 30, 2009

the TTWW

well, we are officially 2 days into the TTWW (terrible two-week wait). the first few days post insem are like most other normal days...wake up, go to work, teach a class, go fridge shopping after work (more on this later), pay bills and then go to bed. the only difference is that these first few post insem days include sudden and unexpected moments when i remember, "oh yeah... i might be pregnant!". then the shortness of breath follows along with my typical list of reasons why we should be thankful if im not prego..."we just bought a car, we need to remodel the bathroom, we still have a roommate, my student loans could probably qualify me for a corporate bail out!" (although i think you technically have to be a SWMO -straight white male oppressor- in order to receive bailouts) never the less.... the point is that some days i wonder if we will ever be ready enough or rich enough to afford a kid!

since i have had 6 other TTWW's to get through i know that in the next few days i will become increasingly more obsessed with pregnancy. ill research past blog posts where women like me ended up finding out they were pregnant. ill pay attention to every little change in my body (excessive thirst, headache, twitch in my eye) and wonder if it is the result of a zygote burying its way into my uterine lining.

*fingers still crossed*

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  1. No more Pro-not pregger thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!