Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the nitty gritty

so... 3 doctor-appointments-in-one-week later, there are changes on the horizon. dr trout told us that i basically have one more try with IUI before we move to "the next step". as it turns out, "the next step" aint cheap. she is recommending IVF which as many of you know, costs well over $10k. this is not an option for us.

we left the appointment feeling sad and a little angry. what kind of doctor drops this kind of news the day before an insemination??!!? talk about pressure! then in the next breath she reminds me that stress can affect fertility. um, duh!

we cried for most of the way home and took turns listing off all of the "next steps" that dr trout neglected to mention.
me: "I mean, i could still go to a bar and do it to some random dude!! notice that she didnt mention that!".
nm: "i know! and im sure we could have the stuff delivered to our house and do inseminations the old fashioned way... with a turkey baster!".
me: "honey, i dont think they actually use turkey basters". nm: "you get the point!!!"

among our other options we listed: adoption, nm trying to get prego, buying a baby on the black market, or random unprotected sex with a stranger. since we dont want to wait 10 years, deal with nm dying in labor, get arrested or catch the clap...we quickly dismissed all of the above as silly.

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