Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the boy's first paparazzi shot!

everything is still moving along as planned. the boy passed the 36 week mark on sunday and will technically be considered "full term" on august 8th. eeek! the last ultrasound was 2 weeks ago and he weighed 5 lbs 2 oz. (the photo above was from an earlier ultrasound taken in april)

the due date is still august 28th though and since most first-time pregnancies tend to go late... im thinking we have some time. he might even be a september baby.

 NM and i leave for our babymoon on saturday. a whole week in the florida sun... i cant wait! we have our fingers crossed that the little dude wont decide to come early and force us to fly home mid-trip. if he does, im sure it will be an omen of things to come in his teenage years.
our caseworkers said that the birthmother is doing much better emotionally and physically. as it turns out, she has very little support from anyone other than her mom and had been feeling pretty overwhelmed with the whole process. they said she still attends all of her meetings and medical appointments alone but is in better spirits. (*sigh* i can barely attend my annual pap exam alone so im pretty impressed with her strength!) it’s a strange feeling to care so deeply about someone we have never met. in many ways, she is a part of our family and its been difficult to not be able to offer her our direct support. closed adoption is tough in that way.
although, knowing me… its probably a good thing that we aren’t in contact. I could SO easily end up adopting a birthmother right along with the baby…. “babe, she just needs a place to stay for 2 weeks.” lol. NM would surely divorce me.

she has decided that she doesnt want one of the hospital bracelets (the ones that give access to the nursery) so NM and i will each have one. we are fortunate that the hospital in our area is very adoption friendly so we will most likely get our own room and will spend the night with the boy.

we are still in seemingly constant dialog about names and circumcision (we welcome any suggestions on either topic!) and continue to watch the clock tick down with anticipation. we arent quite at the TTWW stage yet (which officially starts on august 14th!)... but getting close!


  1. omg, so soon. that's crazy. you guys must be exploding inside.

    we had trouble with both names and circumcision, too. in the end, bunny picked both. the name just stuck and, because he was sick, we didn't get him circumcised even though we had originally planned to.

  2. Yay yay yay yay YAY YAY YAY! I am filled with delight seeing these photos on your page. FILLED. That's your son in there!!!!!!!!!!

    Are you allowed to write the birth mother a letter that your agency could pass along to her? It makes me sad to hear that she doesn't have a lot of support. But it sounds like knowing that you two exist and that you're awesome and that it's a done deal has made all of the difference. How amazing adoption is--changing so many people's lives for the better in one fell swoop.

  3. So. Very. Excited.

    I thought NM was the one who brought home the strays? :) Especially illegal ones. ;)

    Showed Rebeca the photo and she appropriately swooned. She's so mushy when it comes to babies. And we constantly talk about your little family. How exciting that he'll be so close in age NMs new nephew!

  4. Fantastic all around.

  5. Now that's the kind of update I'm talking about ;) I can't believe the time is HERE. The pics are awesome. I'm so excited for your (expanding) family.

  6. this is awesome! i got really behind in my blog reading, so this is all happening REALLY fast in my world! yay!

    as far as names and circumcision go:

    it was important to us to use family names (because i hated my name growing up and the only saving grace was that i was named for someone cool). and sugar didn't want a common name, because she has one and doesn't like that. it still took us until slightly after the bean was born to settle on a name, but having some limits to what we were considering helped.

    as for circumcision, we decided that since neither of us felt very strongly about it, it would be weird to do it -- err on the side of not doing things, you know? anyway, we're happy with that decision and there have been no problems. if either of us had a contract with god, we'd have done it.

  7. This is so exciting. I'm a total stranger, but I have found your story to be so inspiring. My wife and I have recently decided that adoption is the way we're going to go (instead of TTC), and I'm crazy about this blog. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations on your son!! Have a great time in Florida!!