Thursday, October 6, 2011

the woes of saying goodbye...

after much thought, i have decided to bring the woes of a barren lesbo to an end. i have not come to this decision easily... in many ways, this blog has been my substitute baby for the last 3 years. i have loved it, nurtured it and spent countless sleepless hours contributing to its growth.

i have decided to start another blog (a quest called family) that more accurately captures my newest life path. one of the reasons i am shifting to a new blog is out of respect for those who are still fightin the good fight with TTC. i remember first finding the TTC blogging community and feeling for the first time like i wasnt alone. so often i would stumble on a great TTC blog post about struggling to get prego and then as i clicked on other posts, realize that the majority of the recent posts contained baby pictures and stories about parenthood. i would feel sad and frustrated... like the only kid who wasnt being picked for the kickball team.

now that i have secured my very own kickball team uniform, i dont want to taint the "woefulness" of this blog. i want it to remain a space where other folks can come and vent, grumble (and hopefully laugh) at how shitty TTC can be.

im not dismantling the blog and will be sure to post any TTC related references i stumble across.

in the meantime, i want to thank all of the fabulous blogger folks out there who take the time and energy to share little bits of your hearts and minds for the world to see. im proud and honored to have shared this part of our journey with you all and thank you for making the bumps along the road a little more bearable.

in solidarity....


  1. but i like the name of this blog! :)
    it's nice that this is coming to an end because of a
    positive new chapter in your life.

  2. would love to follow along on your new journey!

  3. Oooohhh Please tell me how to find you on the next leg of your journey!~ You have made me laugh my ass off more than once, and I grinned ear to ear on the day you found out you would be moms and again when I read your birth story... I hope you guys are well and enjoying that beautiful baby of yours... xx

  4. I would absolutely LOVE to follow along!

    post away at my blog

    listeningthroughtheairshaft (dot) blogspot (dot) com or email me at fosteringkiddos at yahoo dot com .

    I feel like I am a super secret agent spy gal. hahah


  5. can't remember if i sent an email. i would love to read your mommy blog. littlepomegranateseed (at) gmail. thanks!

  6. Just found your blog and would love to read your new one. So happy for you both!

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