Friday, November 13, 2009

life is good.

10 thangs i dig today. drum roll......

1. ginger molasses cookies from Pioneer Woman. i baked them last night and mmmm.... they turned out so good!

(these are not my cookies... i forgot to take a picture so i jacked this one from PW)

2. this video.

3. this one too. it makes me want to quit my job and make videos like this for a living.

4. ugly thrift store dresses. i recently bought a dress for $3.00 that NM thought i was planning to wear for halloween. imagine her surprise when i walked into the kitchen the other morning wearing the dress, ready for work. in her defense, i think the dress technically is an actual costume of some sort but since i cant figure out what the costume might be, i say "fair game!".

5. the blog Sociological Images. they have some really cool stuff on this site. check it out.

6. my dogs.
maddox doing circus tricks with follistim.
Gully rolling her eyes at me.

7. the movie Hard Candy. if you haven't seen it yet, rent it. now.

8. this picture of my mom. she was pregnant with me. my halloween costume for this year was supposed to look similar to this. NM said it was "bad taste" for me (barren lesbo) to dress as a pregnant woman for halloween but i disagree. if people can dress up like witches and fairies...then i should be able to dress up as something equally as imaginative and unrealistic!
9. bjork. whats not to love?

10. public transportation.


  1. YUM. Those cookies look delish.
    Great post--love those pictures! Your dog is quite talented and has a great sense of humor.

  2. I love the videos! Last week, when I was stupid on Lupron, they made me cry because they're so cool. (For the record, the Sesame Street theme song made me cry too last week). I just put Hard Candy on my Netflix list.
    Cute photos of the dogs!

  3. OMG. I was JUST reading about the Pioneer Woman cookbook.. wweeeiiirrrddd.. on this website.. which is my new fave...

    And I agree... what ISN'T there to love about bjork?

    Have a GREAT Friday...

    wait.. public transport.. do you live in Chicago? If so, I need train advice :)

  4. never mind-- you don't live in chicago..(just in case you were wondering) HA!