Tuesday, October 12, 2010

snookie + bjork = Jersey as a mom.

houston, we have take off...

NM and i met with M1 last week and handed in a draft of our portfolio. on first glance, it seemed that she liked it. at the very least, it didn't make her decide to kick us out of the program so that has to count for something.

we sent a pdf of all 13 pages to various peeps in our world... mom, sister, besties, bff's, etc.... and got lots of awesome and valuable feedback. for folks who are about to start creating a portfolio, i highly recommend that you seek as much feedback as folks are willing to give. after many hours of edits, we have a somewhat finalized version that we plan to hand in on friday.

M1 told us that the average potential birthmom will look at each portfolio for 10-15 seconds before placing it in the aint-no-way-in-hay'el-that-im-givin-my-baby-to-these-people pile or the maybe pile. so, she recommended that we use bold or italics to make some of our key words stand out.

personally, i plan to highlight words like "jersey", "bjork", and "snookie" (yes, all three of those words made their way into our portfolio). while NM will most likely choose sensible words like "loving", "stable" and "responsible". snooze.  example #485 that first-born-children are WAY less exciting than we babies-of-the-family.


  1. lol. congrats on being one step closer!

  2. Love this post! Of course, I am SO type A/first born that I had to laugh even harder...

  3. oooooooooh you are chugging along! SO EFFING EXCITING! I am still trying to wrap my head around the snookie/bjork hybrid and am intrigued. I hope whatever you do, your fabulous sense of humour shines through. That will be a gift to your children, no doubt.

    Oh, and I am SO willing to take you on re: the firstborn thing. In my little love unit, its totally the otehr way around...