Friday, July 29, 2011

and then jersey punched her computer screen...

yo... is anyone else getting trapped in the never ending loop of login screens and comment verification codes anytime you try to post a comment on another blog?!? AAAAAHHHHH!!!

i was about to set myself on fire from frustration but i think i might have found the solution...

1. close all of your open browsers except one.
2. while that browser is open, click on "tools", then "internet options"
3. under "browsing history" click "delete" (i was pretty much going for the enema of computer cleaning so i chose to click all of the boxes. you could experiment and see if it still works without wiping it all out.)
4. go back to blogger and login WITHOUT clicking on the "remember me" box. leave that box unclicked... apparently this is the secret solution. *shrug*

i have no idea how permanent this solution is... but it worked for me so i thought i would pass it along as a temporary fix for anyone who is about to destroy their computer. feel free to comment with other solutions/tricks that might work better than this!


  1. Thank you!!! Sharing this on my blog. :-)

  2. Thank you!! I just gave my computer a power enema and I'm hoping for the best!

  3. Thanks for the persistent attempts to comment on my blog :) I'm going to share your magic-comment-fixer.

    Our home study ended up being a pretty generic list of facts. No overall impressions of our life or relationship or anything. Sadly we're still not "approved" because we apparently signed up with a lazy-assed agency that is still processing our paperwork.

    Um, update on your situation??? It was all kinds of exciting and then you left us hanging :)