Thursday, July 14, 2011

the apprentice

Written on June 28th, 2011 5:00pm

if all goes according to plan, in exactly 2 months from today....  we will be meeting our new baby. wow, that feels weird to write.

as i wrote about in THIS post, we received notice that our paperwork was due to expire in july and needed to be updated. part of this packet includes the reference forms which need to be filled out by various members of our community. my best friend is one of our references and since she lives out of state, i called and left a message for our new caseworker (who we havent met yet) to see if the forms could be emailed rather than snail-mailed.

so, yesterday we receive an email from the caseworker inviting us to come in and meet her in person and hear about "some new updates". i read the email out loud to NM and immediately said, "what if 'new updates' means that they arent working with gay couples anymore??!!"  i was nervous but responded and set a meeting for 9:45 the next morning.

the next morning we get to the agency and were greeted by M2 who you might remember from THIS post. it had been nearly a friggin YEAR since we last saw her, so she hugged us and welcomed us into the conference room. i thought that the crew in the conference room must have been finishing up a meeting or something because there were like 6 people in there, sitting around the table.

they invited us to sit down and i suddenly got VERY nervous. i thought, "omg... they are totally gonna kick us out of the program for being gay!!"

we took our seats at the table and waited for the director of the agency to speak. before she had a chance i said, "man, i feel like im on the apprentice." ... after which, nobody laughed.

there were nervous looks between staff at the table and finally, the director said, "we are really excited to report that we have some good news. a birthmother has chosen you two."

um, WHAT?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

M2 chimed in and told us that birthmom is due to give birth at the end of august (LIKE IN 60 days??!!?) and then asked, "would you like to know what she is having?"

we both responded "YES!!" in unison, without even looking at each other.

"its a boy. congratulations, you are gonna have a baby boy."

she shared that the birthmother was in 2 weeks prior (while we were in vegas!!) and was flipping through portfolios when she got to ours and said, "well, lets see what the girls have to say". M2 said that typically birthmoms skim portfolios but our birthmom took her time reading the details, cover to cover and even after putting ours down to look at others, she kept coming back to the feeling that we were/are the right fit. i totally love that she was deliberate and intentional in her process of choosing... it was really validating and made me feel honored.

im realizing right now that one day, a grown man could be reading this and learning about the day his parents found out he was gonna be their son.


thats still a weird word.


as you can imagine, its a whirlwind here. we have 8 weeks to prepare and 3 of those weeks we will be traveling out of state. so... FIVE weeks to get ready for a tiny human. since i am not releasing these posts publicly yet, by the time you are reading this, we may have even LESS time. aaaahhh!!!!


  1. I'm dying of excitement! But it's not about me, of course. I had no idea that they tell you this news in an in-person meeting. I always pictured a phone call.

    A son! Wow. Have you met the birth mother? Will you maintain a relationship with her as your son grows up? I can't wait to hear the details about how it all works!

  2. I love this story.
    And your SON will love hearing it too.
    Can't wait to see you in January!! *hinthint*

  3. wow. what an amazing story. i can't believe you guys are going to be parents so soon! my son was born in august too, so he should match up with your little guy in terms of being in the same size at the same season, just one year ahead. i'd be happy to send you some boxes of clothes so you can focus on buying other stuff. just email me!

  4. oh my gosh I am SO excited for you! Congratulations!

  5. you're HIRED!
    oh my gosh i am seriously in tears right now. mazel tov, congratulations, eeeee!!

  6. Love the beauty in this story. Same as you--i could picture you telling it to your SON and all that means.