Thursday, July 9, 2009

11 things i have learned during my TTC journey....

1. no matter how many people you know who have managed to get knocked up on the first doesn't mean that you will.

2. comments like, "dont worry, it will happen one day!" and "at least you have more than one uterus" are irritating.

3. there are some pretty cool people out there in the blogging community.

4. there are some real nut jobs our there in the blogging community.

5. most people wont know how to treat you once you start having "fertility issues". i cant count the number of times that i have had the following conversation:

Friend A: "so, hows everything going?"
Me: "good, thanks. im working a lot which is good but also exhausting and NM is knee deep in the summer program so she is super busy too. we have been trying to do some yard work and spend as much free time doing crafts as possible."
Friend A: "ok. so how is everything going? with everything."
Me: "um....good. not much else is going on....oh, NM's family came to visit last week which was fun. the little nephew is growing so fast!"
Friend A: "ok. but what about everything else...*glancing down towards my stomach*... like, how is everything going with, you know...the baby thing".

the whole like baby thing?? why do people suddenly talk like this?

6. contrary to popular myth...being from jersey doesn't make you more likely to get knocked up.

7. not all gay women need an HSG before TTC. just because we lack a readily available fully functioning penis does not make us all "infertile".

8. "how to not be awkward when your patients are a bunch of queers" is clearly not taught in medical school. therefore, we queers should prepare ourselves for doctors who say, "oh, how nice that you brought your little buddy with you for the appointment". look lady, i'm gay...not a cast member from Gilligan's island! (true story)

9. most of us walk around not knowing jack 'ish about how our bodies work. our fallopian tubes are the width of a human hair....WTF?? then why do they draw them as thick as bubble tea straws in the middle school health textbooks?!
stupid patriarchal medical establishment. its pretty sad when i know more about erectile dysfunction than i do about my own damn ovaries.

10. while i cant say that the infertility roller coaster has been fun, i have learned that i wouldn't go back and change a thing. NM and i have had some of the most amazing conversations through this process and i believe that it will make us better parents than anyone else on the planet. well, maybe not better than sara palin...but close.

11. receiving comments from total strangers from the blogging world never stops shocking me. you mean to tell me that someone other than the people who i make read this thing actually read this thing??

ok...your turn. what have you learned during your TTC journey??

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  1. touche! esp #2 - i constantly remind my mother that the whole "things happen when they're supposed to happen" is bullshit.