Thursday, July 9, 2009

if my grandma had her own blog...

(my own margaret)
i simply have to take a minute and say how much i love THIS blog. margaret and helen are friggin hysterical and although they aren't technically a TTC blog...they certainly help me to ease some TTC stress through their humor.

the blog actually does remind me quite a bit of my grandmother. not only because her name is margaret but also because she is in her 90's and is sassier than a teenager! she curses like a sailor and has a biting wit that leaves me in tears. for example...we were out to lunch to celebrate mother's day and the waiter came to the table and said, "happy mother's day, ladies". my grandmother turned to him and replied, "happy mothers day to you, you MOTHER!". he failed to see the humor.

the other day i was talking to her on the phone and she asked me for a phone number. apparently i was taking too long because i suddenly hear, "whats taking you so long? slow as you are, are you sure you teach college?". lmao. i love it!

anywho...if you haven't read their blog, check it out. some of my favorite posts include THIS one and THIS one and THIS one.

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