Monday, May 11, 2009

doing the pee-pee dance

so... i have officially reached the "i'm doing the pee-pee dance because i'm too scared to go to the bathroom" stage. ill probably end up with a urinary tract infection at this rate but its just so damn stressful!! since i'm at day 13 post IUI (which is day 27 of my cycle) and in the past i have started spotting anywhere from day 11-13 post IUI (day 26-30 of my cycle), each trip to the bathroom now feels like im walking on death row. ok...ill admit it, that was a bit dramatic but you get the point. in order to take my mind off of my full bladder, i have written a little limerick.

*clearing my throat*

oh woe is meeee
i have to peeee
my bladder is filling up to my head.

but pee i wont
cuz i really dont
wanna wipe and see any red.

*taking a bow*
thank you.

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