Monday, June 20, 2011

30 day challenge 6, 7 & 8

challenge #6: thoughts on mainstream music
eh, its cool. ive never been a huge music aficionado. its not that i dislike music or anything... im just not the wild and crazy music fan that lots of people seem to be. *shrug*

challenge #7: five pet peeves
1- free sample rage (FSR)
picture yourself in the grocery store, minding your own business picking out a bag of chips... when all of a sudden WHAM! you get side swiped by someone's shopping cart and then PINCH! your toes get run over by someone else. you turn around to see an onslaught of carts racing your way ZOOM! SCREETCH! WHIZ! you ask yourself, "what on EARTH could cause such a commotion? is markey mark in the grocery store? perhaps aliens are invading?" and then you see it... the table at the end of the aisle with free samples of popcorn/chips/cliff bars/juice/bagel bites/fritos. FSR in full effect. calm down people, its only a dorito.

2- obligatory hugs under ridiculous circumstances
im not a big hugger. there are like 5 people who make my list of people-i-like-to-hug and those people get hugs quarterly. maybe. only NM gets daily hugs and half the time they are accompanied by a rolling of the eyes. so coming in at #2 on the list of pet peeves is obligatory hugs under ridiculous circumstances. if you're a co-worker/acquaintance/instructor/wife-of-a-co-worker and we run into each other at the gas station/grocery store/restaurant/work parking lot why on EARTH would it make ANY sense for us to hug?

3- people who are rude to service staff

4- words that end in "-ts" or "-ks" but sound like "sss-tss" or "sss-kss"
examples: vests, dusts, tasks, beasts, desks, asks, pests & blasts

5- intentionally misspelled business names
examples: Kum-and-Go, Blu-Ray, Pak-Lite, Kwik Stop, Qwest, Kar Wash

challenge #8 -what i ate today
so far ive eaten an egg and bacon burrito made fresh by NM and a venti coffee. mmm.

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