Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the call about twins.

the other morning we were on our way to work when NM's cell phone rang.

NM: "I dont recognize the number."

me: "pick it up, it might be important."

NM: *answers the phone* "hello? yes, this is NM. uh-huh... yeah.... ok. that's AWESOME NEWS!

me: (*thinking* what's awesome news? hm, maybe its about a baby!! nah, that would be silly.)

NM: "wow... what great news. and TWINS?!"

me: (*thinking* omg! its totally the adoption agency!! we have been picked!! we have been picked!! and the birth-mother has twins!! yay!!)

NM: "that's so great! ok, yeah... uh-huh.... um, may 31st? let me think... um, yeah, im pretty sure that will work."

me: (*thinking* may 31st? that's like a week away?! omg! we are gonna be parents in a week!!)

NM: "ok, thanks for the call. ill see you then" *hangs up the phone and continues to drive*

me: "um, what the heck was that all about!??!"

NM: "oh, nothing. my dentist had to move my appointment up to the 31st because his wife is having twins in 2 weeks."

me: *speechless*

aaaand, scene.


  1. IT IS ABOUT DAMN TIME! *huge nonemotional hugs* So glad you're back.

    I'm not thrilled about all the adult beverages you're consuming these days. Where was fun NJ back when we were around??!! I feel completely robbed of the special moments we could have shared. *sigh*

    Anyway, I love you more'n my luggage. And I would NEVER tell you to enjoy your child free lives. That's Rebeca's insensitive line. *wink* Your day will come, my friend. And when it does, your little mobsters Hawaii aunties will be waiting with arms open and food ready! Woot.

  2. Damn. Even I was excited for a minute. Wishing you... patience? luck? a phone call that changes your lives?

  3. so glad to see you back. and so glad nm was able to re-schedule her dentist appointment. i was worried for a minute. dental hygiene is crucial. seriously though, i hope you get that long awaited phone call soon.

  4. Hahaha oh my gosh, this made me smile.

  5. Augh I got all excited when I saw you posted, and even MORE excited when I saw this title. Stupid dentist! Hopefully the next mysterious phone call will be the right one.
    So SO glad to see you writing again. I've missed you!

  6. friggin hilarious. I've missed your writing. Great posts!