Sunday, June 5, 2011

30-day challenge post #1- winning my heart in 5 easy steps

challenge #1 - 5 ways to win my heart.

at this point in my life it feels kinda weird to write a list of 5 ways to win my heart because the truth is, that pony done already been won. if you wanna win my heart, you just gotta find a magic lamp and wish to come back as NM. its that simple. she had me at hello.


since this is a 30 day challenge, ill play along and see what i can come up with.

1. sense of humor- i gotta echo my girl inconsistently the same and say that sense of humor is definitely at the top of the list. beyond simply being funny though, the key to my heart is dry, sarcastic, borderline-inappropriate, biting wit. sorta like the time when NM made a "jersey girls are slutty" joke mid-insemination. or when she told me, "you know, settling for someone has never felt so good". god i love that woman.

2. dont sweat me- as trite as it might seem, im definitely a sucker for the ewww-you-have-cooties approach. while i dont ever want to feel dissed, i totally dig the push and pull of keeping me on my toes. ive never been the type to like being wooed, outwardly adored or followed... it just feels too perpy. so, if you really wanna win my heart, act like you like me... but NOT like your life begins and ends with me. act like YOU have interests and hobbies and thoughts and opinions and desires... beyond the ones that match up perfectly with mine. nothing makes me lace my sneakers faster than clingy uber-dependence. *shiver*

3. be creative and occasionally romantic - im thinking loyd dobler, roux, ronald miller, darius lovehal, andrew paxton kind of romance. one of my favorite movie lines was in stranger than fiction when harrold crick says to ana pascal (a baker)... "i brought you flours". cheesy yet creative. *day dream sigh*

4. have clean hygiene and smell good- this one is so simple and yet so elusive. dirty fingernails* are a total buzz kill. dry heave. (*the only exception to this rule is when said "dirt" is actually related to a job/hobby that requires you to like, use your hands and get dirty. but the ive-been-sitting-in-my-cubicle-for-8-hours kind of dirt is just grody.)

5. good vibrations- i have to include at least ONE thing that doesnt describe NM. otherwise this whole list could just be retitled "things i like about my wife". so, the last key to winning my heart is to actually BE marky mark. backwards cap, 8th grade drakkar cologne and timbs included. *fanning myself* good LORD this man is hot.


  1. Marky Mark? Really? Eww. *shrug* Whatever floats your trash barge.

    Hope to see you posting more now that you have a challenge. But I do remember that you're "lazy" like me. *huge inappropriate wink*

  2. Sho'nuff fine as wine! Oh how I struggle with moments when i heart the oppressor. :))