Friday, June 17, 2011

viva las vegas

just got back from vegas, baby!! NM had a conference to attend so i tagged along. we were there for 6 days which i have come to realize is a LONG FRIGGIN TIME to be in vegas. here are some of the very few photo highlights that wont blow our cover. this is an anonymous blog, after all. *wink*

we stayed here:

and spent lots of time watching this:

we gambled a total of $1.00 (which we lost) but i had fun shooting pictures in the casino

the trip included my very first in-and-out burger. the hype is well earned... it was yummy!

we decided, without a doubt, that the next time we come to vegas... we will stay in the cosmopolitan.

 its SO tight! the ambiance is retro-chic and the restaurants are beautiful.

we bought some dope art from the artomat vending machine in the lobby. i HEART art-o-mats!

we also checked out the fremont experience which was complete with neon lights, booze and giant beads! giant beads make perfect self-portrait tools.

NM was in her conference sessions for most of the afternoon and since i could only do this for so long...

...i spent lots of time on the streets shooting away with my camera....

...and eating yummy food.

all in all, a great little vacation (and distraction from TTC!).


  1. You went to Vegas? Sucka.
    Why the need to be so anonymous? You're just a tease with your "self-portraits".
    And, you need a tan my friend. :)

  2. Lovelovelove the pictures.sounds like a perfect getaway.