Monday, August 31, 2009

he's no marky mark but he's still quite a looker.

ok, let me just say that i totally heart california cryobank's new "celebrity lookalike" feature. prior to this feature we had to rely on some random staff person to describe in vague terms what the donors look like:

CCB staff: um...he has dark hair and dark eyes and his ears are kinda long
NJ: feeling creeped out because that description sounds exactly like my dad!

but now each donor's package comes...err, bad choice of words...lets try this again. now, each donor's profile contains a few celebrities that staff at CCB claim the donor resembles. so far in our process we have had 2 donors. the first donor is described to look like these three men:

1. John Leguizamo.....

2. Mariano Rivera......

and.... 3. John Secada.

JOHN SECADA?? um no offense to my mom but he is so not hot! im sure there are countless (ok, maybe 5) women who would count "having john secada's baby" on their list of life goals but come on! also, im not discounting how talented, down to earth and all around lovely john secada might be. but who wants a "lovely" donor??

not us. we want hot. is what the cryobank says our new donor looks like:
1. Cillian Murphy.
ok, so the photo on the right looks slightly boy-band which would make me mary kay letourneau... but do away with the wispy teenage hair cut and wow. he's a looker.

2. Olivier Martinez.
ok, i realize that the photo on the right looks like it was taken off of the cover of a romantic novel but still.... he's hot.

3. Rafael Marquez.
i have no idea who this dude is (im guessing soccer?) but he's pretty easy to look at. at the very least, he would certainly beat john secada's ass in a "who would you rather have sire your children?" contest.


  1. Go with the New Donor!!! Olivier Martinez is indeed HOT HOT HOT!
    Those are some good baby daddy genes there!

  2. My, you have good taste. I agree, when it comes to picking a donor, you've got to go with hot. The donor search brought out my inner shallow. We refused to use a donor who was not described as attractive by the cryobank staff. Initially we insisted on a donor who was at least 6 feet tall, but compromised when we found a 5' 11" donor who we liked. Once CCB introduced the donor look-a-likes, any hope of us choosing a "nice guy" donor was out the window. Being nice doesn't make up for looking like Tom Hanks or Steve Carell.

  3. They all look pretty good but the last one is a pretty yummy baby daddy!

  4. Ha! This post is awesome! I haven't popped by in a while but this totally brought me back to the days of choosing our donor. Maybe I'm weird but both Manny and I had a lot of fun picking out our top choices - some of the stuff included in the profiles was just so random and hilarious. The bank we used actualy had a celebrity look alike thing that was chosen by the donors themselves. One guy described himself as looking like John Tesh. Yeah. Nice. There was also a photo and I could sort of see his point, but the fact he described himself as looking like John Tesh was a total deal-breaker for me.

    I have to say that I'm a bit jealous of your ability to make hotness a major criterion - for us we had to consider Manny's looks, who is totally hot in a Scandinavian kind of way, but it ruled out some of the hotter candidates in my opinion. Cause we're a straight couple, we didn't want to make it too obvious that we had used a donor - we plan to be mostly open, but if we had a baby with curly black hair or Rafael Marquez-like features, we would be explaining a lot of things to a lot of people. So enjoy your super hot donor, you lucky women! Hope his hotness is also an omen of good-looking babies in your very near future!

  5. This is HILARIOUS! I can't believe that your clinic does this... Someone there has a serious sense of humour!