Sunday, August 23, 2009

as it turns out, i have twins.

i heard that my ex-boyfriend (the one from high school who i mentioned in THIS post) just had twin boys. typically this would be an occasion to offer congrats but here is a recap of our conversation which occurred via text:

NJ: hey...i see on facebook that your sister is holding 2 babies. the caption says they are her "new nephews". did you have a couple kids since we last spoke a month ago??

the ex: it turns out, i have twins.

NJ: as it turns out? what does that mean? and how come you didnt mention the fact that you were expecting?

the ex: well i didnt know. we just got the paternity test back and it turns out they are my boys.

*deep breath*

i swear.

if i hear.

about one more person.

having a kid.

that they weren't intentionally trying to have....







  1. What would have been REALLY crazy is if this conversation had happened between you and and ex-GIRLFRIEND.
    Seriously though, I's so sick of hearing about the unintentional babies. The person who sits next to me at work is constantly showing off pictures of her 18 year old daughter's unintentional 3 month old son. This pregnancy was so unintentional that the idiot girl actually denied that she was pregnant until she went into labor!

  2. I second that scream!!!