Friday, August 28, 2009

the wind beneath my pee...

one day NM and i were visiting some friends when one of them shared that her friend had a friend who had a friend that didn't use diapers on her kids. at first i was puzzled by the statement and sought clarification:

NJ: oh you mean like she didn't use disposables?
Friend of a Friend of a Friend: no, i mean that she didn't use diapers.
NJ: wait... like she used towels or something? i don't understand.
Friend of a Friend of a Friend: no... she didn't use anything. like as in...nothing.
NJ: blasphemy! i don't believe it.

well... leave it to lovable childhood actress Blossom to prove me wrong. apparently this practice is called "elimination communication" and it means that parents don't use diapers. period.

much like having a new puppy, i suppose the parents pay attention to cues given off by the newborn and to timing (newborns pee every 10-20 minutes?). woah...sounds intense.

anywho... here is Blossom talking about her parenting techniques. i found this link on yahoo news and the title of the headline read "Child Star Blossom's Controversial Parenting Techniques". after watching the video i think that "controversial" is a bit strong. i hear "controversial" and think spanking or maybe letting the dog babysit... but to me, not using diapers falls more into the "strange things that other people do with their kids" category.


  1. This is very common in Chinese culture as well. The onsies there have a slit in them that is open for the kids to go poo/pee. All baby clothes have this opening. Crazy, eh?
    Hey, she's saving a fortune in diapers.

  2. I watched a special about this recently and it sounds like a great idea if you are a stay at home mom and can manage it but I don't see it as an option for most of us in the real world. Great idea though!