Wednesday, August 26, 2009

excuse me...*posing like a body builder*....could you tell me where the gym is?

i went running this morning for the first time in over 4 years and it felt great!

by "great" i mean that i pretty much hated every second of it and felt like i was gonna puke the whole time... but beyond the physical reminder of how totally out of shape i am, it felt great.

my old workout goal was all about getting my body in shape for baby making but now my new goal is to get myself in shape so i can go to another water aerobics class and show those old people how its done!!!


  1. When I first started running I thought I might die and I never thought I could 'do it'. I kept with a run/walk routine and slowly but surely it turned into just running. Less than 6 months later...I ran a 5K!
    Slow is the way to go.

  2. I hope you don't mind but I found you through another blog I follow and your blog caught my eye. First I'm jealous you are running no matter how much you want to puke because I used to love to run. I should make time but I don't. 2nd. I too have had my share of troubles trying to get pg. When I realized I was broken, which wasn't long after I started trying, we switched to my partner. And we are still trying. This process is hard. I hope you are ok and I look foward to following the rest of your journey.