Tuesday, September 22, 2009

im not crazy, im just on fertility meds!

i had my final corn-dogging this morning and it went really well. well, i mean...as good as a corn-dogging experience can go, i suppose.
my eggs are frackin HUGE and it looks like we are set for wednesday and thursday of this week. woohoo! i told the RE that i feel like im about to get my period because my ovaries are KILLING me and my boobs are bigger than the usual DD...which is already pretty damn big. he said its all normal and part of the joys of hormones.

i shoulda known since i had the following interaction with NM on sunday:

NM: hey babe, where is the folder that we are using to store all of our doctor bills?
jersey: on the bottom shelf of the cabinet.
NM: which cabinet?
jersey: *impatient sigh and curt response* the cabinet with the drawer!!!
NM: hey babe...there is lots of other stuff in this folder. i thought we were gonna just use one folder for all of our doctor stuff.
jersey: *resisting the urge to claw her face off* well excuuuuuse me for living! i put the most recent bills in THAT folder because it was the only one i could find! if you dont like this system than make your own!! *fire spitting out of my mouth and eyes rolling back into my head*
NM: *long pause* oh, honey... are we gonna have..... "a day"?
jersey: "a day"?!?!?!? what the HELL is THAT supposed to mean?!?!?! god, i swear! how rude!! im on all these fertility meds that make my ovaries hurt and you're over there giving me grief.
NM: yeah, um... fertility meds.
jersey: *realizing what she is talking about* oooh, riiiiight. *nervous laugh* fertility meds make me crazy. *gulp* sorry.

so never the less, im pretty much one big raging hormone. its lots of fun.

but not more fun than the 7 inch needle that NM had to stick in my butt cheek today. after the corn-dogging we had to go home for an HCG shot. it was my first shot that had to go into the muscle and NM did a brilliant job. well, with the exception of one minor (read: irritating) freakout. i decided that she would have to give me the shot on the couch so that i could use our current free cable as a distraction. nothing like HGTV to take your mind off of a 7 inch needle.

i told her to handle the shot stuff on her own and then just stick me with it. but, bless her heart, since she was nervous, the experience was more like this:

NM: *attaching the draw needle to the syringe*
jersey: *watching HGTV*
NM: *drawing up the medication and then switching to the 7'' injection needle* oh....my.....god....
jersey: what?
NM: this needle is HUGE! *laughing nervously*
jersey: um, i dont need that right now! GOD!
NM: i know, im just saying! this thing is enormous!
jersey: stop talking and do it already! dont give me any warning and for the love of GOD dont count down. just do it.
NM: ok... here we go.... i can do this.... are you ready?.... here we go..... the nurse said to not hit the nerve... ok, i think i have the right location... oh my god.... are you ready?..... this might hurt.... ready? ready? ready?....one...... two.....


it actually didnt hurt that badly. it was way less painful than the follistim shots that go in my belly. anywhooo... tomorrow is the big day. send lots of fertile energy our way!!


  1. All too familiar conversations. *sigh* gotta love the meds. Finger crossed!!

  2. Good luck with the insem! Don't forget to bring your own pillow.

  3. Its all coming your way, sister! I have it all crossed for you guys!

  4. we are praying to the baby jesus that he will grant your wish!