Tuesday, September 15, 2009

those who cant birth, bake.

i love baking. if given my choice, i would spend all day, everyday baking.

i spent this past weekend working on my never-ending-thesis and baking two new recipes. the first recipe was one for jam thumbprint cookies. a few weekends ago we decided to can tomatoes and peach jam with some friends and like total amateurs, we bought WAY too many peaches and ended up with over 6 gallons of peach jam (not kidding). so, in search of a new recipe that would allow me to use up some of that jam, i made THESE cookies. they were pretty much the bomb.com.

the other recipe i attempted came from bakerella. i have wanted to make her famous cupcake balls for a while now but never had the courage. until this weekend. in another total lapse of judgement i also decided to try her cupcake pops. needless to say, mine didnt turn out nearly as good as hers.

i think my main problem was the thickness of the chocolate coating which didnt allow for much detail. anywhoo... im sure it takes a few attempts so ill try them again at some point.

this weekend also included a special little package on my doorstep.

......................drum roll..................................

three cheers for fertility meds!!

*deep game show voice* that's right folks, we have here 3 doses of follistim, 6 needles and an hsg shot.

but wait... there's more! just when you thought this offer couldnt get more exciting, there was one more thing in the box.....

....................drum roll..............................

a $432.00 bill!! *crowd goes wild*


at least we got one of those cool freezer packs out of the deal.


  1. Um...I think another way of getting rid of all that peach jam is by donating it. I believe you have a wicked awesome sister-in-law that loves her some peach jam! ...just a thought. -Keeks

  2. little does my sister in law know, she will be getting peach jam for the next 3 birthdays!

  3. mmm drooling over here. might i also suggest bakerella's chocolate chip cookie pie? it's perfect for breakfast with vanilla ice cream.

    and that looks like a fun package! i admit, after 5 vials with no success, i still know nothing about those meds/shots and my doc doesn't think it's time to even discuss it yet. money, meet drain.

  4. I'm always unreasonably excited to get another freezer pack. Maybe because I like to bake cheesecakes and they're handy for traveling?

  5. wow-- those treats look amazing! I SO want to try them! I think I will for Christmastime... Was it hard to make? Did you use red velvet cake or another kind?

    OMG-- I can't believe how expensive those few little doses are! I am terrified of starting on the drugs and I am getting perilously close to having to learn how to stick myself up. I feel sick even thinking about it (although dp will be doing the sticking FOR SURE). I hope that that is the last such package to grace your doorway!

  6. Mmmmm, I'm very intrigued by the cupcake pops. After all that work, how did they taste?

    Have fun with the injectables!

  7. the cupcake pops were actually kinda gross. i brought them to work and the students LOVED them but starving college students are never really the best judge of taste.

    actually, it was more of a texture issue for me. also, i used red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. if i make these again, ill mos def do chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. i think this will help the taste a little. they are really more like truffles than anything else.

    never the less... be brave and make them!